Restorative Coaching

I work with executives, digital nomads, international teachers, healthcare professionals (and other frequent travelers), as well as long-distance couples.

In our online coaching sessions, we'll work together to problem solve, set goals, heal, and strengthen your Inner Compass so that you can continue to be your most grounded and powerful self.

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As an executive with many people counting on you, it can be difficult to find time to tend to stresses such as:

  • heartache and relationship difficulties

  • work-life balance

  • burnout

  • making confident career choices

  • navigating life transitions

  • adapting to cultural differences

We’ll work one-on-one to develop personal mastery, and reconnect you with the parts of life and travel that you love to savor, while continuing to have clarity and confidence at work.

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You're an expat, location-independent entrepreneur, or digital nomad. As you navigate the stresses and occasional isolation of life abroad, it can certainly help to connect with a coach or counselor, someone who is consistent no matter where life takes you. Local resources that suit your needs can sometimes be difficult to locate, especially when there is a language barrier.

Adjusting to Life in a New Country

The feeling of "Home" is incredibly powerful, and it’s hard to shine when you feel out of place. Homesickness, Culture Shock, a foreign language, and other challenges adapting to a new home can dampen the light in all areas of our lives. Though you may be excited about immersing yourself in new cultures, experiences, and meeting new people, you may also deeply feel the absence of the loved ones to whom you’ve said goodbye. Maybe you miss the special family events you can't attend while you're away, as well as the familiar little (or not so little) comforts you'd taken for granted. Perhaps learning new languages and/or cultural norms – being able to effectively express yourself and feel understood in a new country – is stressful, and you just want someone who knows your culture to hear you and get you so you can exhale.

Coming Home and Your Shifting Identity

Maybe you’ve just returned home from an extended stay abroad: The “repatriation blues” is a common (but usually unanticipated) challenge for adventurous people who love to live and work overseas. You may be feeling homesick for your host country, or feeling disconnected from your community here at home. This can be a confusing time because you think you “should” be happy to be back home, or you “should” be comfortable because things are supposed to be familiar. But travel changes us and you are not the same person returning home.

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Being on location for extended periods of time on a new project can be exciting and satisfying. However, extended or frequent absence away from your partner frequently brings about relationship stress, which can also affect your focus and enjoyment on the job. Having worked in the film business and been a “film widow” myself as well as traveling and living abroad myself, I empathize with the issues that arise on both sides.

Whether you're an individual or a couple, we'll work together to rediscover ways to stay connected and keep your relationship strong despite the distance.

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