A “Heart Spa” for Global Women 

As a global business leader, entrepreneurdigital nomad, or any kind of frequent traveler, your office is the world. You build bridges across multiple cultures, work domains, time zones, and teams, and feel energized by making meaningful change happen. You're no stranger to the ups and downs of travel, but sometimes the bumps of life, work, and relationships can feel even more turbulent when you’re abroad.

Sometimes it feels like you have no time or patience for the stress that gets in the way of getting things done, but at the same time you wish for a few easy moments in your week to regroup so you can continue to be your best.

I once asked a global woman like you what she would love to have in her bustling, intercontinental life, and she said three words: “a heart spa”.

Dr. Angela DeVita Depth Psychotherapy, Art Therapy & Counseling Abroad

I'm Angela DeVita.

As a global coach, the phrase "heart spa" is the essence of my work with clients, whether meeting online or in person. Together we carve out time and space from all the demands on your life to recenter, reconnect, and recharge.

So that you can fall in love with your life again.
So that you can keep your love strong.
So that you can be your most grounded and powerful self, no matter where you are in the world.